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New England's Horror Metal.

     Closed Casket is a six piece horror metal band from Boston, Mass. Members of Closed Casket are made up of X-Boston band greats, the band has been busy recording and playing many shows sharing the stage with such artists as The Misfits, Madball, 45 Grave, Destructor, Merauder, SuperPower and many more. Further more Closed Casket would like to thank all the fans for their continued support, their self titled album will be finished very soon. Currently the band is scheduling new shows for this season and next, please feel free to contact Closed Casket for any upcoming gigs as the band would love to take part in them locally and/or national.

Members of Closed Casket are:

     Chico - (vocals, lyrics)
     Dan Pardi - (lead guitar)
     Dan McGrath- (rhythm guitar)
- (bass, backing vocals)
     Sam Casket - (drums, samples)
     **Currently Seeking Replacement Keyboardist**


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