Closed Casket recently reformed with a new line up of members into a 6-piece metal band made up of X-Boston band greats. It was in the early winter of 04 Mario & Sam got back together with Dan and Rob to play the music we all loved to play. We were then so fortunate enough to find Chico (X-Killgrip singer), and soon enough Nicole who brings her musical talents to add new dimension to our sound. In 2008 following the departure of Mario and Rob, Denny and Alx became part of the Casket family. With our growing fan-base and elaborate stage act Closed Casket quickly came back from the dead.


Current Members & History,

Chico- Lead Vocalist, (X-Killgrip)
Dan- Lead Guitar/Solo, (X-Downfall, & Clepto)
Dan- McGrath, (Rhythm Guitar)
Alx- Bass/Backing Vocals, (X-Afar)
Sam- Drums/Samples, (X-Shadow and Eve, & Clepto)


Past Members & History,

Nicole- Keys/Samples, (Classically Trained, X-Freezing Winds)
Denny- Rhythm Guitar, (X-Bloodstruck)
Rob Rocker- Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals, (X-Sixth Extinction, & Clepto)
Mike- Bass Guitar, (Weapons Grade)
Mario- Rhythm Guitar/Solo, Backup Vocals, (X-Dead Pedestrian, & Downfall)
Rolo- Bass Guitar, Backup Vocals, (X-Downfall)
Dan Leahy- Bass Guitar
Zoe- Vocals, (X-Coven of 13)


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