Hell At Capacity has officially been released.


Hope your all having as great of a summer as we are. See you at our next show!


Very busy schedule as we are currently working on new songs and a new recording, as well as playing shows. hope to catch you all soon


A lot has happened since the last update Mike left and we now have Alx on bass who has been with us for over two years now, we published our self titled album and Nicole has left the band and therefore we are seeking a new keyboardist also web site upgrades including .com/.net swap


Sorry no update in a while, anyhow if you didn't already know we've been back playing shows, our CD has been released months ago, you can pick up a copy online or at our shows along with other Closed Casket merchandise. See you at the next show!


The 5-song demo and Studio Album are in the final stages, meanwhile more changes are in store for the better of the band. Standby for more updates on this matter.


Up in the Underground was a huge success, and of course a great time, thanks to all the bands that played and special thanks to Strange Affection and house bands, Kurst and Endswait for rocking out! It was a great turnout thanks to 104.1 WBCN and all who helped promoting the event, Many thanks to all the fans for coming on out, having a great time and supporting your local music scene, can't wait to do it again!


Some more changes as we now have Mike on bass who is also actively with Bostons own Weapons Grade. Standby for upcoming shows to be announced.


We are currently working on some new material, as well as our older songs with our new bassist Dan Leahy, will see you at our next show!


Mario made his official announcement that he had to leave the band in order to focus his life in a new direction, and we all wish him well, since then we had Rob move to rhythm guitar which left the bass position open, and now we'd like to welcome Dan Leahy to the Casket family.


Unfortunately the 01/14/07 with Overkill is not happening, we don't have any other info as to why.


Website upgrade complete! updated links page, also few other random graphical updates. We are working on new material while also finishing our CD tracks, they are taking a while but they'll def. be worth the wait! O yea, almost forgot, METAL Christmas everyone and have a HEAVY New Year!


New show dates added, check shows page for details.


Good news the album is in the mixing process, there will be a limited edition five song demo release in the meantime, also the DVD is near completion and will be available very soon, there will be a secure order form set up on the site for those interested purchasing online and any other merchandise we will have to offer.


45 Grave was awsome! so was The Coffin Lids and Hate The Living, Phantom Productions put together a killer show and we were honored to take part in it.


The KC Tap show in Rhode Island has been Canceled, (not shure exactly why). However there is a new booking at Rox's in Oxford, MA. Check the shows page for details as soon as they become available.


Good news to report, after playing months of back to back shows we are finally finding the time to go back in the studio to finish up with the latest recordings for the full lenght album due out soon.


Just added new live tracks from the Dodge Street show thanks to Forevers' Fallen Grace, you can listen/download them on the sounds page.


We all had a blast at the Misfits show, thanks for all who came to support us.


Show with the Misfits just confirmed, check the shows page for more info.


Like to thank 49-0 for making it possiable to play the short notice show last night at Max's, we all had a blast there.


Great show last night, Thanks to all the fans who came and also special thanks to all the bands, Forever's Fallen Grace, Droned, Cheech, & One-Less for a kick ass night!


Congratulations! Its a GIRL!!! Mario's little girl was born today.


Rolo leaves the band and we welcome our new bassist Rob W.


Our hearts go out to all those affected by the London terrorist attacks.


Unfortunately complications forced us to cancel Europe this year, we are going to shoot for next year.


Our European tour is in the works right now, hopefully if everything works out we will be in London the first or second week in August. Stand by of course for more updates.


The show at the Bombshelter was great! We had a lot of fun and hope everyone enjoyed it. Thanks to our fans there and we'll see you next time.


Upcoming shows are in the process of being booked.


Our monthly keg party (benefit) has been a success. Thanks to all that came and hope everyone had a good time, we look forward to the next one.


Guest book is up and running.


Updated site.


Closed Casket reformed.


Shadow and Eve became Sam's project.


member update